Thursday, September 13, 2007

Uber Ghey-ness

Today while I was having break in middle of class, I went to the student lounge to play abit of ping-pong with my friend. While I was enjoying my game, a pain sensation hit my ass. I turn around and there I see a gay bastard grinning while saying;

Gay : Smacked your butt! Haha!

Before I got to hit him, he rushed out while laughing like the cibai he is! I got a feeling he'll return to get a second round of smacking so I just stayed on guard while playing my game. I was dead right and he really did came and smacked me the second time;

Gay : Smacked your bu . . .

. . And I swinged my ping-pong racket and it hit right on his head and he started to lose balance and fell on the floor!

Mr.Thief : Smacked your head! Haha!


ting tit lei said...


fucking nice one.

but punching julian was much nicer though

Mr.Thief said...

maybe the guy i hit was related to julian too? it was a good hit tho, served him well! ahaha.

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