Monday, September 24, 2007

8 things

This post will be about 8 things I hate to hear and can make me feel really 'tulan'!

1) Come treat me la, you rich!
I hate people that tells me this. I don't care I rich or not but if I want to treat you is up to me!

2) Eh, heard you got fifty plus for the exam man, congrats! I only get eighty plus.
I hate the fact that they had to put the word 'only' before telling their result.

3) Woah nice cars your family have but my family got .
It's like indirectly saying "Your family has nice cars but too bad mine got better, bitch!". Tiu!

4) Please please please tell me! I know it's a secret but I won't tell anyone else!
These kind of people need to check up the dictionary for the meaning of 'secret'.

5) Eh let's enter the class la, come la!
You want to enter the class, go ahead la! Knn!

6) *tells something really obvious to you*
No shit sherlock!

7) *tells an unbelievable story about him/herself and expects people to believe it*
Used to have a friend that told people story that can make one think he's a prodigy! Sohai fella!

8) Eww, I so don't hang out with these kind of people! (Bitch)
I think this one you all understand why la! Ahaha.

Sorry for the lack of updates people, been super busy! Harap dimaafkan!

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