Monday, September 10, 2007

Internet wonders

Ok, I'm fed up with stuff! What am I talking about I hear you ask? Some people's website..
You're browsing and you open up a page, the page is blank for like few mins, then BOOOM, lots of html and photos appear stabbing your eye! All the photos have the same pose with places varies from house gate to the roof! Haha..

Load as many bullshit images as you can into a page and hope people will think its pretty/handsome/cute/hot with the super posingness skill of destruction, oh my eye.
The font as well, usually BRIGHT BLUE or PINK or any other colour that makes it so damn-bloody-hard to read or to view some stuff, on another striking colour background.

It gets real hard to read the content and you'll even probably have a bad eye-sight after!
Most of picture title/caption have the same shit all over;

MA M8Z!!!111

MA BRAW!!!111
MA PETSS!!!111
MA SELF!!!111
You know la, as usual . Ahaha..

Come on la? Can you say thats not the most annoying shit ever?
Barely visible text on a striking background of lots-of-striking-colour star or any other background.
I'd rather just see an empty page and be done with it.
Yea alright, I'm not the best one out there, but COME ON!

Your site suck.
You suck.
You think you're good at it, but yeah, you suck!


Vamp said...

Wah this blog menyakitkan matuku


ting tit lei said...

friendster ke? ini blog hebat la. black and white

Pookyma said...

I bet u are talking about Louis!!!!

U can see lots of those eye-soring sites in friendster man..

Mr.Thief said...

matakau low level punya, cis.

betul, lala ramai dekat friendster!

louis one of them! that cb lala! ahahaha. fster can see lots of them, macam nest diorang jer~