Sunday, September 2, 2007

Emo people

Have you met someone who's really emotional and get all fired up over small things and always have that 'not in the mood' face? Makes you want to hit them so bad right?! If you do, you're normal like me!

I have no problem with people that get all emo over something that I can understand la especially if you're a girl but some guys really can get your fist tingling so bad. Over something like games also want to emo, kena make fun abit also emo, hanging out with friends also tiba-tiba can emo, niasing! They better thank god that I'm a man of patience and can put up with their attitude without resorting to violence!

One of the incident that got me pissed so damn bad happened last week. Lots of friends hanging out together at mamak talking and laughing then suddenly one of the guy got all emo after he found out he lost something from the game that he played. He got super emotional over virtual stuff and his face was like someone who just lost someone important, seriously, over virtual stuff! If there was someone selling razorblade anywhere around there, he'd buy one and cut himself;

Click the picture for larger view.

Or at least I would and cut him myself! Kaninaaaa Ccccbbbbb.


Vamp said...

Eh tell Adrian la.

Maybe he get emo for being called 'always emo'


Siao leh

Pookyma said...

Emo emo emo...niasing outing with frens sucks when one of them go all emo...

Anonymous said...

really siao.

yeala, all enjoying then one had to be a rotten apple. rasa macam nak bunuh dia. ahah.

tingtitlei said...

dulu saya kenal ini lelaki cina dari 5jupiter sangat emo...

Mr.Thief said...

anonymous was me, dont know how i forgot to log in. ahaha.

kena tumbuk sudah.

Pookyma said...

Siapa yang tumbuk?Hang kah?

Vamp said...

Attif, you disappoint us all.

As being part of the bloggers community, how can you POST A COMMENT WITHOUT SIGNING IN?!?!



Mr.Thief said...

tak ada, ttl tumbuk dia. anda tak baca hartamas story ka?


diam 7 noob.