Friday, September 21, 2007

Blind people

You know when you see blind people going around tables at some place and ask for help, you ought to pity them right?? But not at Uptown! The blind people here are mostly not even blind! They just got that walking stick and that black glasses for show. I was eating dinner there with my sister and few of her friends and my sister got up from the table and was walking to one of the hawker to order some food. She was rushing and infront of her there was a blind man walking quite fast towards her aswell. Any sane man would think that these are going to happen:

A) My sister 'elak' him and continue walking.


B) They both bang into each other.

But neither of the option above happened! Instead, it was that blind man who evaded my sister swiftly and continue walking like nothing happen and his walking stick wasn't even touching the floor. Kaninia betul!

Coincidently, he came to our table and was doing his usual job. A friend noticed that the man was wearing a watch so instead of giving money or ignore him, he asked the man;

Friend : Abang, sekarang pukul berapa?
Blindman : *checks the watch* pukul 8 lebih dik.

Then we all laughed hysterically, ahaha.


babyfiona said...

caught red handed kakakaka

tingtitlei said...


Cw said...

Nice catch HAHA!

Mr.Thief said...

yep! nicely caught too! oh and welcome to my blog!

noobhai ftw!

yea man, the guy sure got a good lesson ;D

SWei said...

The person who was the second who commented this entry told me that u were one of the ex form5s, so out of curiosity, i dropped by here. the first thing i read was about this blind dude, and man, that was freaking funny! LOL! you ppl damn smart weih...

Mr.Thief said...

yea, that guy my is one of my sohai friend! hahaha!

thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!