Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2 days ago

Made a plan with Justin and Jun to go to the cc at 7 am, damn early but didn't really mind since it's been ages since I last seen them!

At 8, I got out of the house and did a little stretches while waiting for Justin to pick me up. Was looking to the left side of the house and saw a car speeding while cutting turn and nearly bang another car from the opposite side. First thing came in my mind was "Early morning also got sohai driver already!" followed by "Must see this fucker punya face!" since the car uses the road which will pass by my house. Then the car pass my house just a bit and did an emergency break and the moment the car pass me I saw a really familiar face;

Justin : Oi, faster come in la! Stare what!
Mr.Thief: @#$!#$&!


tingtitlei said...

wah justin can drive oredi... cool cool now we have transport to takei haha

Mr.Thief said...

cipet, you read what i write then u tell me can drive or not. hahaha.

aku tamau mati muda wor.

justin said...

sudah stress marh =D got some cibai cannot find key .. then ask me and jun go first .. then suddenly .. oi faster la ! i wait so long outside my house ^%$^%$ so must rush la !

Vamp said...

Attif called Justin noob.

After he kena hon o.o

Pookyma said...

Niasing....thief...u are going to cc by urself next time....hahaha

Mr.Thief said...

whos that cibai? niasing!

he memang noob ma!

tak apa, saya paksa dia 99!