Friday, October 5, 2007


I feel dulan. Very dulan. Very Very dulan.

I was put into a situation which makes me wanna punch someone so bad!! I just came back from Jogoya restaurant in Starhill/Bukit Bintang. I ate quite alot since I was quite hungry since I haven't eaten anything yet, not even during the break fast time. Eventually, my stomach got the best of me and forced me to do some 'investing' in the toilet!! Hahaha.

The bloody door was closed tight and it was even locked. Of course la, who 'invest' in the toilet with the door open wide right?? Haha. But god knows why, a guy had to come and KICK the bloody door open, literally. He was lucky as I just entered and was still standing. I really don't understand why he had to kick a LOCKED door! It's as if I stole his food and he's trying to get his revenge on me. If I was doing my business already, I'll bloody go shove some wasabi up his ass.



SWei said...

Dude, that person who kicked the locked door you were at must had been freaking jobless. You should have quickly finished your business, drag him in and shove his face into the toilet bowl man. That'll serve him right for kicking the door without a reason!

Vamp said...

If wasabi makes our tears leak out.

What does it do when it goes through our butthole?

A question only possibly answered by God.


Mr.Thief said...

eh, good idea! if someone told me that right away, it could've been done! ahaha.

indeed.. let's not get into details bout that. ahah.