Monday, August 27, 2007

Those were the days

Even tho I'm already in college, I still think of the crazy thing I always do when I was still in secondary school. The best of all is sneaking out late at night, not alone but with few of friends who have so much free time to sleepover at my house just to gain a sneakout experience! Hahahaha.

It was around the holiday when I was still a form 4 student. The friend that joined me that time was Louis and Justin. After wasting time with the computer to wait till my parents asleep, the plan commence. All of us start walking down to the backdoor quietly, using stockings as footstep silencer. As soon as we got out, we proceed to the front gate to get my bicycle. We had to climb the gate, pass the bicycle to each other before managing to get it out of the gate. Our first problem was who's going to ride the bicycle.

Mr.Thief: Who's going to cycle and stand behind the bicycle? 1 have to run.
Justin : Let me cycle!
Louis : Then I stand behind la.
Mr.Thief: Oi oi, my bike lousy and both of you are heavy, don't destroy my bike la you cibais!
Justin : Hahaha, then me and louis take turn run lor.

15 minutes later, we reach the cyber cafe and start playing games there. Halfway playing, friend called me and said he'll be there soon. All 3 of us was shocked hearing that cause this cibai got SPM in the morning yet still want follow us! Hahaha. Once he got there, I asked him:

Mr.Thief: Oi, you SPM in few hours time but you still senang lenang come join us!
Ken : Nevermind la, only addmath tomorrow, I confirm fail!
Mr.Thief: Then your mother never say anything??
Ken : I told her about it and she ok with it.
Mr.Thief: You really one big sohai I tell you!! Haha..

After playing till 5 in the morning, we all decided that it's time to go home. We all put back the bicycle and start walking back through the backdoor. After we got in, I tried opening the door which lead us to the kitchen and the living room but it was locked. We got panic and didn't know what to do and my sister isn't picking up my calls..

To be continued.

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