Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Those were the days 2

We start looking around for a way to go in and we spotted a real small toilet window that connect to the room beside the kitchen. After few turns of head, I was chosen to go in and open the door from outside. I stand on both Louis and Justin's hand and start climbing into the toilet and eventually got inside.

Mr.Thief: Mahai!! Damn hard to get inside!!
Justin : You thin also so hard want go in then summore want us try, sohai!
Louis : Hahaha, just faster come open the door weh.

As soon as I got the door open, we all tried to sneak upstairs back to my room until suddenly there was a noise from my parent's room door.. *crack* ..continued by sound of footstep going down the stairs. I quickly told Louis and Justin to go hide behind the wall beside the stairs. The footstep got closer and closer to us and all I could do that time was hoping that the person coming down will go to the kitchen instead of turning to the place we hid. Unfortunately, the sound got closer and it stopped right beside us.

Mom : *shocked* Apa you all doing here hiding?!
Louis : Err..
Mr.Thief: Sebenarnya kitorang dari dapur, baru lepas makan sebab tak boleh tidur, kawan lapar! (Actually, we all from the kitchen, just ate cause we couldn't sleep and my friends were hungry!)
L & J : Ye auntie, kitorang lapar tadi..
Mom : Dahtu kenapa menyorok kat sini?? (Then why you all hiding here??)
Mr.Thief: Takut kena marah sebab tak tidur lagi! (Scare get scolded for not sleeping yet!)

Then my mom stared at us and let out a sigh and asked us to proceed upstairs and we went up running. Once we got into the room, we all can't help but to feel REALLY relieved that we escaped the gate of hell, and the devil. All 3 of us couldn't help but laugh.

Louis : Mahai! Haha, that was really scary weh. Lucky you bullshit our way out!!
Justin : Yeala, can say we hungry and wanted to eat some more, cipet! Hahaha.
Mr.Thief: Knn, it was damn scary and that was the first thing that I could think of!

All of us then tried to sleep but the effect of the sudden shock we all got was too much and we ended sleeping few hours later. Hahahaha.

The End!

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Cw said...

Haha! Why wanna hide when you can just go up and say you were downstairs if they ask you? :P

Mr.Thief said...

strict mom, strict rules! i can imagine her being a grim reaper if i do that!


Nami Woo said...

hahaha damn naughty la you during school time

Cw said...

bugger ;p

justin said...

i tot i cycled there from my house then lock my bike behind ure house o.o , cannot sleep cos louis dowan share blanket la :P

tingtitlei said...


Pookyma said...

eh i think i read this story before sum where

AHHh,,,,,,,,,from talkcockking.blogspot last time

Mr.Thief said...

yea, but this one is the 'more' detailed version. ahah